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Hi! 'Phineas' isn't quite my meatspace name, but it's close enough. I'm almost 30 and live in the Greater Boston area, though I've lived in other parts of the US and Europe. Queer, PoC, autistic, usually broke but educationally privileged. My preferred pronoun set is he/him (or they/them, but I usually just use the former).

Politically I'm centre-left - strictly a social democrat, which seems to be incredibly rare in the US, at least within mainstream politics. I think the Democrats are more conservative than they should be, but over my dead body would I vote Republican. #ImWithHer because Trump should never become president.

Some things I like
Harry Potter (the UK versions, please), His Dark Materials, social justice (but not the bullshit on Tumblr), OS X, some aspects of the open-source community, neurodiversity, disability rights, sociolinguistics, the Civilization game series, LGBT rights, intersectionality, graphic design, early-20th-century western art, international standards (metrication, logical date formats, International English spelling as opposed to American), learning foreign languages for the hell of it, typography.

... and some things I don't
Wilful ignorance, bigotry, bad typography, western exceptionalism, country music.

Journal policy
This account is mostly public. I post privately elsewhere. I'll grant access if I know you or think you're cool.
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